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Naruto Video Games

video games - narutoNaruto shippuden gekitou taisan ex is a wii fighting game from Japan and is 3 years away from us. In the United States, they made a continuation of Naruto clash of ninja 2 called Naruto clash of ninja revolution. This is the game box:

video games - naruto
This game almost has the same art features and graphics of Naruto shippuden gekitou taisan ex. You should know that this game comes out october 23 2007 so be prepared to experience the new continuation of clash of ninja 2. ( Clash 3 and 4 unreleased in US. ) anigan

The new uzumaki chronicles is hits the US on september 4 2007 here is the game box:

video games - naruto
Now there are new features like a 2 player feature so the second player can join the adventure. There is also a fighting mode to see who is the ultimate player is. There are also new characters like Sakura, Rock Lee, Itachi, Kisame, and Might Guy. If you got the game have fun! naruto uc2 trailer. Go to: naruto uzumaki chronicles 2 official website.

video games - naruto Naruto Ultimate Ninja Accel {/} is the Naruto shippuden game for the ps2. Its like all the naruto ultimate ninja games so its not a surprise. Its also years away from us so be patient. naruto accel trailer anigan

video games - narutoNaruto ultimate ninja heroes is like a Naruto ultimate ninja game but you can take it anywhere because its for the Psp and you can create your own ninja team. Its like naruto ultimate ninja 2 exept you have teammates.
Go to: naruto ultimate ninja heroes official website.

Video Games - Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 is the sequel to Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1. It’s story mode is called the Ultimate Road. You can buy items in the Tanzaku Market in the main menu in the game. This game’s score is pretty high. The offical gamesite

Naruto Video Games - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!!
Naruto Path of the ninja is an RPG video game for Nintendo Ds. It is hard and it looks bad but it is good to me. The story ends after you fight the shukaku sand spirit.

Naruto Video Games - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!!
Naruto Clash of Ninja is the first game before naruto clash of ninja 2. It is easier to do combos and there are only 11 characters. This is Ninja Action.

Naruto Video Games - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!!
Naruto Clash of ninja 2 is better than naruto clash of ninja. It has more characters, more combos and most characters have 2nd specials. This is a rated teen game.

Naruto Video Games - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!!
I’ve never played naruto gekitou taisen 3 before. It will never come out the U.S. Naruto Clash of ninja revolution is the substitute for Naruto gekitou….. 3. Rated T for Teen. Ninja Action

Naruto Video Games - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!!
Never played this game too!!! It will also never comeout in U.S. Ninja Action

After seeing the game’s description, you can see them in action here: Video game vids or
Naruto Video Game Introductions

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