Dumaguete City ”unsa inyong ikasulti sa …”


Capital of Negros Oriental province on southeast Negros Island in the Philippines, situated on the Tanon Strait; population (2000) 102,300. The city lies in a fertile agricultural district, is an important commercial and educational centre, and is the site of Silliman University (the country’s only Protestant university). Exports include copra, hemp, and sugar. Diving is an attraction for tourists.



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  2. lihok dumaguete kay maulahi unya ta…

  3. gud mwning po sir, si riestly po ito sir sana matulong ninyo kami kasi ang nanay ko ay nagkasakit at wala kaming sapat na pera ipagamot cya sa ospital. wala kaming matatakbohan upang mahingi-an ng tulong.. Sana po makatulang ka sa aming problima.. Sana bigyan mo ako ng swertres number ngayong araw na ito dahil naaawa na kami sa nanay namin hindi namin cya mapagamot sa ospital dahil sa kahirapan … sana matulongan mo kami.

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